Save the Date – Rendezvous 2018

I am thrilled to announce that the Marinette Club will be holding it’s 2018 Rendezvous at Sandusky Yacht Club on June 29-July 1, 2018!!

Why SYC? It is probably in the top three nicest Yacht Clubs on Lake Erie. The facilities are spotless and it is two blocks from the newly revitalized downtown Sandusky with restaurants, bars and nightlife. 

They have large banquet rooms and a nice bar overlooking Sandusky Bay. I have visited there many times and the food and hospitality are excellent. There is also a pool and outdoor tiki bar area in the back of the facility. We will have full access to the all of the club’s facilities during our stay. 

We have had a good time at Seaway but some members were not happy with the docking arrangements (ie, the rafting). Leslie Tighe our Rendezvous chairperson and I sought out to come up with a different, better location. We met with SYC and were able to secure the above mentioned date for our event. 

I hope to see you there!

Craig Purnell

President, GLMC





6 thoughts on “Save the Date – Rendezvous 2018

  1. Richard A. Campbell

    Hello, we want to attend, this will be our first club rendezvous, and our 1st year as “M” owners.. What is the estimated cost to attend, is there an extra charge for dockage.? Will there be a pet walk area for our two dogs.? And is this facility ADA, Handicapped accessible..?

  2. Frederick Melick

    Thanks for the update. I hope” Irish wake” will be ready to attend. I need to have the cockpit floor replaced among other things and I am hoping it will be finished by that time. The boat needs plenty of tlc and I am not sure it will look very nice by next Summer next to some of the newer classy boats in the club. With a little soap and water it may not look to bad at a distance. Maybe I need to change the name to “work in progress” LOL

  3. Tom Zmina

    Thank You to Leslie and Craig for the special attention to our needs. The Sandusky Yacht Club is a first class operation and I am excited to attend this year.

  4. Joe Badaczewski

    Count us in for rendezvous, have some others interested also.
    Keep us posted.
    Joe and Doreen

  5. admin Post author

    Hi Richard,
    Dockage will be $2 per foot. I believe there is a pet walk area. I will check on handicapped and ADA accessible. Feel free to reach out to SYC directly. They are very helpful.

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